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This is exciting news for our league and our athletes!


Congratulations to 2017 JOGA senior Emma Rossi, the recipient of the first ever Plum Practicewear Scholarship, and to seniors Keara Farley, Sterling Sandler, Maria Rosero and Abby Tumulty on winning the IGC and JOGA Judges Scholarships.  Great job ladies!

Qualifying scores:

The JOGA league made adjustments to the qualifying scores beginning the 2015-2016 season.  Qualifying scores are listed on the table below.  To qualify to 2016 State Championships, the score listed on the table below must be earned twice during the competition season.  For example, to qualify to States a level 6 gymnast must achieve an all-around score of 25.5 at 2 qualifying meets during the season.  


To qualify to move up a level for next years season, the gymnast must earn the all-around score for the next level at 2 qualifying meets during the current season.  For example, to move to level 5 next season, a level 6 gymnast must achieve a 27.5 all-around score at 2 qualifying meets during the current season. Levels 4, 3, and 2 need 3 qualifying scores to move up a level. For example, a level 4 needs a 30.5 at three qualifying meets during the current season moving the athlete to level 3 next season. Once a gymnast is registered to move up a level, she can not move back to the previous level.

JOGA Handbook

The updated JOGA handbook for 2016-2017 has been posted in the coaches only section.



2016-2017 Season 


  • Please remember to register your coaches, club and athletes every year!  Registration information is located by clicking on the Registration tab.  Processing time is 2-3 weeks.
  • Please remember to make sure all of your JOGA coaches are registered and "green lit" to coach.  Only registered, green lit coaches will be allowed on the competition floor.  


Meet Directors: 

  • The "Green Lit Status" page is up and running.  We will update information as we receive it.
  • Please verify that all coaches are green lit before allowing them on the floor of a JOGA sanctioned meet.

Please make sure to check the website weekly for updates.  If you are a coach, meet director or club and you need a password-- please email

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